I’m Quitting Cigarettes

No Risk, Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Yes, I want to quit now. I want immediate relief of cravings. I want to be able to make the cravings disappear, now and forever.

You may drop into our office in Hollywood, bring your craving, and watch it disappear in minutes. No charge. When you realize it works, you may purchase this amazing miraculous device, and stop smoking TODAY. Or stop any other addictive drug today.

If you can’t come to Hollywood, we can send you the Addiction Antidote Kit.
No Risk. Unconditional money back guarantee.

Call us for the Addiction Antidote Kit. Cost is $795. You may pick it up at our office (try it first for free), or we can ship it to you for an additional $10. There is no risk, for if you don’t like it or it isn’t effective, we offer an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee.

Nutritional Supplements to repair and rejuvenate are also available (more on these soon).
Intravenous Vitamin treatments are very powerful at helping you feel better and repairing the damage done by addiction. We offer these treatments also.

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