I’m Not Quitting

Even if you don’t plan to quit, our program can still help you.

You Need One But Can’t Have One

Sometimes you need a cigarette, but you can’t have one.  This may be traveling, working, even playing.  Society makes it more difficult to find a time and place to smoke.  If this problem plagues you, we can still take away your cravings until you’re ready and able to smoke!

Just Need to Be Free of the Craving for a Couple Hours

Sometimes you don’t want to smell like a cigarette, even though you’d enjoy having one.  But you don’t want to spend the next two hours needing a cigarette, jonesing for a cigarette.  A ten or twenty minute treatment of CES can keep you free of craving for 2-6 hours.  Everyone’s experience is unique.

Would Like to Not Have the Craving 24/7

Craving for a cigarette never completely goes away.  Even though at a low level, it’s not particularly disturbing, the uniqueness of having it at zero for some hours is refreshing, and can give a taste of feeling better in the future, when you do quit!